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What are Loan Officers saying about working at Universal Lending? 


I appreciate the new App and got a notification right when my appraisal was in and I was able to view it right there on my phone! Amazing things are happening and will continue to happen!


The processing systems are so efficient, and the marketing /crm platform is phenomenal. The best in the business.


The marketing newsletter is great! The underwriting updates are always to the point and informative. Everything we do is about informing the LO's to help educate and work better with borrowers.


Communication As long as there is communication with each other, there is no room for speculation. Initially I was concerned that Universal could help me help my clients, as they seem to be harder files due to lack of education of mortgages. With support, I have managed to help educate them to understand the mortgage banking systems to achieve home ownership.


I have a great team and a great manager who help me tremendously as I am a newer loan officer.


I would recommend working at Universal Lending because it is a very friendly and helpful environment. Lots of fun people, independent work, no micro management, ULC is involved in the community and give you the tools you need to succeed.


The people around me are all super-smart, dedicated and happy in doing their jobs and this allows me to be super-smart, dedicated and happy.


Universal Lending Corporation was founded over 30 years ago on the principle that our customers deserve individual and specialized attention throughout the mortgage process. This is why we have one of the highest rates of repeat borrowers in the business. Our mortgage professionals embrace our passion for customer care, and educate and empower each potential home buyer throughout the entire process, so they make informed, considerate decisions that ensure their home mortgages fit their budgets ...

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